1994 ford l8000 dump truck

I was laid off from my job within the airlines 4 years ago, and went to Driving School/Heavy Equipment coaching mainly because no perform in my field. Got my Class A CDL there in the college. Then in-field perform (other than driving) came up again, so by no means got started into driving.

I'm now going to own a little dump truck and commence a summer time only small business around the side.

I am looking at a 1993 Ford L8000 dump, SA, 33K Gross weight, which is a converted day tractor that has (had) 270K miles. Cummins 8.three 250 HP straight six speed shift. Air brakes. The dump bed is new. That is about all of the truck I can afford.

So gang, do not have a large amount of encounter with truck buying and would be thankful for responses from those with Ford/Cummins practical experience. Got a quick ride within the truck. It seems to have plenty of power un-loaded on a flat road. Air tank appears to charge ok and hold when shut down. Brake pads are new. Engine compartment seems to be relatively clean to get a 14 year old truck. No leaks noticable.

I found a 87 L8000 with ford Diesel engine. Truck has 13,000 miles and 1,400 hours. It is a former US Forestry truck that the privious owner got at auction.

How is this Ford Engine? Is this a gasoline conversion diesel that they have been undertaking back within the day? Is this a engine that could expect a life of 200,000 miles?

Everyone know regarding the tranny? I believe it's 5 speed but should really possess a two speed gear box?

What's estimated fuel economy?

There is a huge gear box form issue that is certainly mounted about four feed behind the tranny and it features a hydraulic pump mounted to this gear box. Is this the high low gear box?

Is there any highly-priced upkeep concern with these trucks?

This truck has air brakes but I will get my CDL so I'm not worried about that. I also believe that I can get a farm exemption but I program to acquire the CDL anyway.

What I plan to work with it for? I program to add a boom bole and huge winch for lifting stuff on the farm. Also pulling gear trailer with backhoe. Perhaps pulling other stuff that the 1/2 ton is too compact for. Also most likely be moving some empty 40" shipping containers. I would envision I'll use it for 1,000 miles per year or much less.

The guy is asking $2,000 and it just seems as well excellent of a deal to pass up. The physique is in very good shape along with the mechanical systems all seem to become in great shape w/o any leaks.

This Ford diesel just isn't a diesel-ized gasser, nevertheless it is, I believe a brazilian inline turbocharged six. Based on HP, could or might not be aftercooled, but that doesn't matter.

I drive a Ford L8000 that appears precisely like that Driver. It was an old Pepsi truck that was converted over. I haul ten tons legally but can go as high as 11.five. That 10 tons is legal on gross but is just not legal on the axles. In reality, I got an overweight on my rear axle when I only had eight.5 tons on me. The load was situated extra forward in the rear axle but I nevertheless got popped for being 300 lbs over.

A further thing to look out for, when these trucks are converted, at times the air brakes usually do not function adequately. When I had a trailer behind me, they worked fine as the loop was closed. Without the need of a trailer hooked into my airlines, it was all I could do to quit. Lord help you should you had been fully loaded. Turns out, the 5th wheel line was reduce and in no way closed off. When my switch is within the unlock position, I have brakes, when it is inside the locked position, I here can barely quit. For those who locate you have got really tiny brakes, flip the switch and see what occurs. Mine stays within the "Unlock" position.

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